New York, 2020

Starting a blog in 2019 is both strange and motivating. In 2004, while building the first version of my website, I started a blog I kept for about two years. Except for some downtime, I’ve always tried to maintain an active online presence beyond the website, especially because I’ve always enjoyed having everything separate and not wanting a visual diary mixed with my commercial work. Looking back, I realize that this compartmentalization made no sense and today nothing gives me more pleasure than eliminating the boundaries between my commercial and my personal work.

After having tried almost all platforms available over the last 15 years mainly for purely technological curiosity, blogging remains the most appropriate tool for what I hope to share here. This year I came back to school both as a PhD student and as a teacher at the College of Fine Arts – University of Arizona. At the same time I’m doing so many things and exploring some new and amazing ways to approach photography that I feel this is the perfect moment to collect my thoughts and share my experiences.

I know what you’re thinking… “Why should I listen to this guy talk about photography?”

As my friends well know I’m not into chest-pumping but I guess this is one of these moments where some context is needed:

1. I started with photography exactly 30 years ago, and since 1993 I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot almost every day.

2. I’m a professional photographer since 2004, just three years after graduating from architecture school and realizing that it wasn’t for me (ironically I’ve been shooting architecture all my life).

3. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree from Barcelona University, where I was the best student.

4. I’ve been teaching photography since 2006. I taught at all levels and ages. From 6-year-olds to World Press Photo winners.

5. During almost 10 years I’ve held product development and training positions at Nikon and Leica.

6. I directed a photography school for 2 years in Portugal and I taught in Spain, Italy, Germany, and Russia.

7. I’ve been involved in several international photography events as a portfolio reviewer, lecturer, curator, and workshop instructor.

8. I’m an avid collector with a special interest in 1980-2000’s photography.

9. I usually don’t discuss megapixels and brands. I’m not a gear freak but I shoot with lots of different cameras from my smartphone to a 8×10.

10. I love to talk photography.